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scifi20in20's Journal

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scifi20in20 is based on the format of celeb20in20 and countless other 20in20 communities. In this icontest, members who sign up will make 20 icons in 20 days based on their scifi or fantasy related claim.

People can claim an entire TV show/movie, a specific character, actor, pairing, episode, season, story arc, or group. Claims must be somehow scifi or fantasy related. I'll be pretty lenient with what actually constitutes as "scifi". Basically, anything that would be impossible in the world right now for reasons other than being set in the past is acceptable. More information on claims can be found here.

  • You must be signed up to participate. Sign ups for each round will open on the 21st.
  • All icons must be new and be made specifically for scifi20in20. They all must fit your claim.
  • You may post up to 3 teaser icons.
  • Icon tables can be posted to scifi20in20 or a community/journal of your own choosing. Icon posts must remain public until voting is closed.
  • You must join the community to post.
  • Challenges will run from the 1st to the 20th of the month.
  • Icons must fit livejournal standards: no larger than 100x100px and 40kb. Must be in .png, .gif or .jpeg format.)
  • No animated icons.
  • Please check out and comment on other people's entries!
  • Try to keep things PG-13. If you think an icon might be questionable, feel free to ask.

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